Invisalign As An Adult: Is It Time?

Some kids really luck out by being born with great teeth or having parents who are in a position to pay for orthodontia. However, not everyone is blessed with either of those situations. If you are someone who has crooked teeth as an adult, you may want to look into getting yourself Invisalign. Invisalign retainers are clear and can be removed a few times a day to eat and brush your teeth.

3 Cosmetic Dentistry Options For Damaged Or Missing Teeth

Do you avoid smiling because you have damaged or missing teeth? If so, you should know that you do not have to avoid smiling forever. If you want to have a great smile again, a cosmetic dentist can help. Depending on the type of damage or the number of missing teeth you have, a cosmetic dentist will provide you with some options to help restore your smile. Here are three cosmetic dentistry options for damaged or missing teeth.

Why You Don't Want To Skip Your Dental Visits

You know that you are supposed to pay a visit to your dentist every 6 months, depending on your dentist's direct instructions. However, this doesn't stop a lot of people from ignoring their dentist's recommendations and going much longer than they should between visits. Before you make the mistake of going too long without seeing your dentist, you should first understand the reasons why those regular visits are so important. Here are some of the things that are done at your routine dental visits: