What Dental Hygienists Use To Clean Your Teeth

Some time ago, dentists would clean patients' teeth. In recent years, that job is par for the course for dental hygienists. There are a handful of tools and cleaners used to clean your teeth, and some of them might never touch your teeth at all. If you are curious as to what goes into a dental hygienist's cleaning kit, here it is. The Gritty Stuff When you sit in the dentist's chair and the hygienist applies something gritty to your teeth, you cannot help but get some on your tongue.

Why A Dentist Appointment Does Not Have To Be Scary For Special Needs Children

Bright hot lights, unfamiliar smells, odd flavors, and scary noises – these are only a couple of the reasons both children and adults find a trip to the dentist to be unsettling. While taking any child to the dentist can be a battle, it is especially challenging to take a child with special needs. Fortunately, it does not have to be a challenge. There are things the parent of a special needs child can do to make his or her child comfortable at dentist visits.

Does A Vegetarian Lifestyle Pose Any Risk To Dental Health?

A vegetarian is someone who maintains a meat-free diet, often for religious, personal, health, or medical reasons. People often choose a vegetarian lifestyle because they believe it to be a healthier option. Most vegetarians who maintain a balanced diet enjoy good oral health but this needs to be carefully monitored because a non-meat diet means that some nutrients that are vital to dental health are missing. The following are areas of concern for those who are vegetarians as well as healthy supplements that such people can take.

Can Your Dentist Help You To Stop Snoring?

If your snoring is disturbing your sleep or a loved one's sleep, you're not alone: an estimated 90 million Americans snore, and half of them may have sleep apnea, a severe sleeping condition where you periodically stop breathing during your sleep. Whether your snoring is a nuisance or a health risk, there's a surprising solution: see your dentist. Why You Snore Snoring and sleep apnea are usually caused by your throat muscles relaxing during your sleep and partially or fully collapsing your airway.

Using Homemade Toothpaste To Maintain Your White Smile

A cosmetic dentist, such as Dr. Frederick Guerra, is without a doubt the most qualified person to help you achieve your dreams of a brilliantly white smile. However, you will still be responsible for preventing future stains after undergoing a professional whitening treatment. Thankfully, accomplishing this task can be quite easy using the process described below. Step #1: Mix Your Own Whitening Toothpaste Many of the whitening toothpastes on the market can be quite abrasive.