What Is Causing Your Tooth Pain?

When you have tooth pain, it can be something as simple as biting something hard or something too hot or cold that caused minor nerve pain, or something far more serious. The issue you potentially have is not knowing how to tell the difference between a minor tooth pain that won't last and a tooth pain that is indicative of a more serious dental issue. 

What is causing your tooth pain? What can you do about it? Here's a guide to help you learn what your dental aches and pains actually mean. Your dentist can give you an exam if you are still concerned so you can learn ways to navigate your symptoms to get relief.

You have gum issues

Sore gums can pull away from your teeth at the base, leaving roots and other areas feeling exposed to air. If your tooth pain occurs mainly when you breathe in or have air touch your teeth and is only at the base of your teeth, this can be the issue.

Your teeth are infected

An infected tooth may experience tooth pain that lasts for an indefinite amount of time, especially when pressure is placed on the tooth. Your tooth may hurt in its center or near the top and may have an aching or pulsing pain that is hard to control or manage with pain medications. If the pain is very severe for a few days and then suddenly stops, then you should see your dentist because this can mean the nerve has died or the dental pain has caused the tooth to die.

Your teeth are sensitive

Do you have sensitive teeth? Sensitive teeth may feel slight pain every time you eat or drink something hot or cold and can be sporadic or happen every time you eat or drink. Sensitive teeth can be a sign of thin or weak tooth enamel and can occur in one or more teeth. Your entire mouth can be affected by sensitive teeth, so have your dentist check your mouth if you have continued or worsening pain that makes it difficult to do anything with your mouth.

There are several ways to repair a sensitive or painful tooth situation. Your dentist can prescribe special dental care to help your teeth at home, can perform dental work, or can do other things to make your tooth pain go away. Don't ignore your tooth pain as it likely won't get better on its own.

Contact a local dentist to learn more about how they can help with tooth pain.