4 Frequently Asked Questions About A Family Dentist Answered

Family dentists offer various services, such as cavity identification and filling, sealants, fluoride treatments, regular cleanings, orthodontics, and treatment for gum disease. The dentist can help you detect early symptoms that can worsen into severe complications like cavities. Also, the professional can offer maintenance treatments like scaling and root planing.

Here are answers to common questions about family dentists.

Can You Book an Appointment for All Your Family Members at Once

A family dentist will make your dental checkups and treatment convenient. You can book an appointment for all your family members at once, including both children and adults. If you are busy at work, you don't have to worry about scheduling different appointments for your loved ones. Also, if you have questions, such as how to clean dentures, you can call the dentist instead of visiting their offices.

Does the Dentist Offer Preventive Care

Family dentists offer preventive treatment that can protect your family from medical problems. For instance, studies show that mothers can transmit dental caries to their infants if they suffer from the condition. Hence, your dentist can help you observe proper dental hygiene to reduce the risk of passing the bacteria to your child. 

Also, the specialist can advise you to avoid saliva-to-saliva contact with your baby, such as sharing spoons and cups, wet kisses on the mouth, chewing food for the baby, or inserting the infant's pacifier in your mouth. If you are worried about breastfeeding, you shouldn't be, as it isn't a means of transmission.

How Will Knowing Your Medical History Help Your Dentist Treat You Better

One of the advantages of having a family dentist is they know your history. Hence, they can correctly determine the root cause of your family dental issues and prescribe a suitable remedy.  For instance, if you struggle with severe gum disease, your dentist may ask about your diet to ascertain if your body receives proper nutrition. Usually, the condition can take a toll on the body's immunity, so you need to observe an appropriate diet to help your system deal with the infection.

Can You Build a Personal Relationship with Your Family Dentist

Building a personal relationship with your dentist is one of the main benefits of having a family dental professional. The expert will ensure they bond with your family as much as possible to understand your needs and serve you better. 

If you have a personal health matter you aren't comfortable telling others about, you can open up to your dentist. For example, if you suffer from bad breath, your dental professional will determine the primary cause of the problem and help you accordingly.

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