Your Dentist Can Make Your Dental Cleanings More Tolerable When You Have Anxiety

You probably know you should see your dentist a couple of times a year to get your teeth cleaned, but you may not appreciate how important regular dental cleanings are. They can prevent cavities and gum disease so your teeth stay healthy and you can avoid pain and infections. Still, you may have a hard time keeping your appointments if you have dental anxiety. Here are some things to know that might make dental cleanings easier to endure.

Dental Cleaning Shouldn't Hurt

Unless you have sensitive teeth or cavities, dental cleanings shouldn't be uncomfortable. If you feel discomfort, it might be due to anxiety from the sensations you feel and the anticipation of pain. Tell your dentist about what you're feeling.

You might agree on a hand signal that means you're uncomfortable and the cleaning needs to stop for a minute. You may also need the hygienist to talk you through the process and explain everything they're doing so you feel more comfortable.

Your Dentist Might Try Sedation

Nitrous oxide might be a solution for your anxiety since the gas can cause you to feel elated and a little numb. The dentist can control the amount of gas you get to keep you alert yet calm so the dental cleaning is easier for you to go through.

In extreme cases, you might need stronger sedation, but this is something you'll need to discuss with your dentist. Your dentist may be willing to help in any way they can so you can get the important tooth cleaning treatments.

Cleanings Only Involve Scraping

The dental hygienist may use a variety of tools to clean your teeth, but none of them are drills or involve needles. The hygienist mostly uses tools that scrape tartar off of your teeth. These might make noises and give you odd sensations, but scraping shouldn't cause any pain.

If you get lax about keeping your dental appointments, then you might develop gum disease. Once that happens, regular dental cleanings won't reverse the condition. Instead, you'll need deep cleaning treatments.

These involve scraping away tartar under the gums, and this can be painful. You can avoid the more painful procedure by protecting your gums with basic dental cleanings that are much easier to go through.

Ask The Dentist How Often You Need Cleanings

If you're diligent about taking good care of your teeth at home and your teeth are in excellent shape when you get your checkup, ask your dentist how often you need cleanings done. Twice a year is a common cleaning frequency, but some dentists may recommend only once a year.

Your dentist knows what's best for protecting your teeth, so it's important to follow their instructions. If you get gum disease, you might need cleanings more often than twice a year, so that might motivate you to keep your dental appointments and brush and floss daily at home.

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