4 Basic Procedures Covered In General Dentistry

Are you looking for a dentist to perform a cosmetic procedure? One of the options you may consider is to visit a general dentist. Unfortunately, most people see general dentists whenever they have dental issues or need professional advice on oral health care. 

Since their job title is unspecific, people assume they don't handle cosmetic procedures. The truth is that they can perform a wide range of procedures to restore the functionality of the dental system. Here is a list of common procedures you can get in a general dental office.


This is one of the common treatments a general dentist handles and is meant for people with cavities. The procedure entails filling the cavity with a silver metal or white composite material to seal the teeth. This ensures that the cavity doesn't grow larger; hence, protecting the tooth. 

The dentist can also recommend this procedure if the teeth are cracked because of a mouth injury. Nowadays, the white composite filling is more common than the metal because it has a natural appearance and cannot be noticed.

Dental Crowns

If you have a tooth that is badly damaged by an injury or decay, a general dentist will endorse dental crowns. This dental restorative procedure saves your tooth from extraction by preventing further damage or infections. The dentist may also use crowns to correct imperfections on your tooth. 

Crowns can be made using acrylic or porcelain, but sometimes they are made of metal. Usually, the procedure takes about two appointments since most crowns must be custom-made in a dental lab.


Whenever a tooth is decayed or broken and the dentist realizes it cannot be repaired, they will endorse a common procedure known as an extraction. This procedure is also done when there are extra teeth crowding the mouth. 

Once the dentist pulls the extra tooth, braces may be provided to help straighten the smile. Some patients also undergo wisdom teeth extraction if the general dentist confirms there is no room for the molars.

Dental Implants

Implants are an effective and permanent way of replacing natural teeth. This replacement procedure entails placing an implant into the jawbone, which acts as the tooth's root. A crown that resembles your natural teeth is then installed after the oral surgery. 

Generally, the process takes several months and sessions to complete, but you will have permanent artificial teeth once you heal. The implant-supported crown will work as a real tooth.