Why You Need A Dentist For Molar Extraction

A toothache can be one of the most painful things to deal with, especially when over-the-counter pain medication is not strong enough to provide satisfactory relief. Molars are the main teeth that people complain about when they get cavities, as the pain is commonly accompanied by an abscess. Some people will even attempt extracting the painful molars on their own in an attempt to get relief as soon as possible without having to go to a dentist. However, extracting a molar without assistance from a dentist can be a dangerous thing to do, as an infection can develop and a condition known as dry socket. If you have a painful molar that you have been delaying getting extracted, find out why making an appointment with a dentist is in your best interest.

Molar Extraction Can Be Complicated

Extracting a molar at home can be more complicated than the other teeth that are in your mouth. The reason why is because molars are known for getting stuck in the jawbone every now and then. When dealing with such a tooth, simple yanking it out with a piece of string is not likely to work out. You will possibly need to undergo a small surgical procedure in a dental clinic for the molar to be removed. There are other methods that a dentist can use for removing a molar as well, but it will depend on how yours is situated in the jawbone.

Numbing Extraction Pain is Possible

It is natural for pain to be present when a molar is being extracted, but it isn't something that you should fear when the procedure is handled by a dentist. The reason why is because a dentist can use sedation to help you feel more relaxed as the tooth is being extracted. There are various types of drugs that can be used to carry out sedation dentistry, and it will depend on the level of comfort that you desire. For instance, the dentist can use a drug that allows you to remain awake, but will numb the pain and keep you calm. You can also be put to sleep during the process of your molar being extracted.

Less Likely to Develop an Infection

Gums can become infected after a molar has been extracted. To prevent your gums from becoming infected, a dentist will prescribe antibiotics for you to take at home. You might also be administered antibiotics before the tooth is extracted.