Scared of The Dentist? Tips to Help Alleviate Your Anxiety

Kids aren't the only humans that get scared when it's time to go to the dentist—some adults suffer from full-blown panic attacks when they go to the dentist. Are you or is someone in your life scared of the dentist? If so, you'll find a few tips below that can help you get through the appointment a bit more comfortably.

Appointment Scheduling

Just getting the appointment made can be difficult, because the minute you set it up, you know what's to come in the near future. This means that many people don't even call to make the appointment because of their fears. Instead of trying to make the appointment on your own and having to deal with the anxiety of knowing that the appointment is soon to come, have a friend or family member take care of the scheduling for you. This can become complicated if you have a busy schedule, but not knowing when to expect the appointment can help to alleviate some of the stress you experience.

Block Your Senses

All six of your senses are going to be on high alert the day of the appointment, so you'll need to quiet some of those senses. The smell of dental offices is something that is difficult to get past. Block the sense of smell using a bit of essential oils. Using lavender, jasmine, valerian, or another essential oil that is proven to soothe anxiety will help tremendously. Just dilute as directed and smear a bit under your nose. You'll smell nothing more than the oils when you enter the office.

The sounds of the equipment used in a dental office are also something that you just can't get out of your head. So, block them out entirely. Invest in a pair of noise-blocking headphones and load your phone up with your favorite, calming music.

You'll need to see where you're going when you get to the dental office, but you won't need to see anything once you're comfortably seated in the exam chair. So, once you've been seated, put on a warmed sleeping mask. The feel of the mask will help alleviate anxiety, and it will prevent you from seeing the tools coming at you while the work is done.

Go to sites like for more information about general dentistry, and talk with your dentist to find other ways to make your time in the office more comfortable. This may be a fear that you never fully get past, but hopefully, things will get easier for you.