Want Whiter Teeth? Learn The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Whitening Pens

If you are looking to remove a stain from your teeth or whiten your teeth, there are many different ways you can go about doing this. One of the options that are available for at-home use is a whitening pen. A whitening solution is placed inside of a pen. Instead of a tip, the pen has a brush on the end. After brushing your teeth, you can brush the whitening solution on the tooth or teeth you want to be whitened. The solution forms a film that adheres to the tooth until it dissolves away, usually in about 30 minutes. Learning the advantages and disadvantages will help you decide whether to try out this type of product. 

The Disadvantages of Tooth Whitening Pens

  • The Solution May Not Stick to Your Teeth Well

One of the downsides to whitening pens is that some people have problems getting the solution to adhere to their teeth. Finding the right pen for you, and figuring out how to adhere it so that it sticks for you is imperative. Some tips that people use to help it adhere include wiping their teeth with a towel, so they are completely dry or holding their mouth open for 15 to 30 seconds before any saliva gets on the film. 

  • They Take Time to Work

The other disadvantage to whitening pens is that they take time to work and the level of whiteness you can reach is not as white as professional treatments. Over-the-counter solutions have a lower percentage of the chemicals that whiten teeth than those used by a dental professional. If you want the whitest white teeth and need them quickly, at-home treatments, including whitening pens, are not ideal for you. 

The Advantages of Tooth Whitening Pens

  • You Can Whiten Specific Teeth

One of the biggest benefits of tooth whitening pens is that they can whiten specific teeth. If you have one tooth that is yellow or stained, you may only want to whiten that one tooth. Using strips, trays, or toothpaste does not allow you to focus solely on that one problematic tooth. This option does. 

  • They Are Less Messy

The other advantage to whitening pens is that they are not as messy as strips and trays are. These at-home whitening items can leave gel or foam all over your mouth. A pen keeps everything clean, rather than messy. 

Tooth whitening pens are one of the products that you can use to reduce stains or gradually whiten your teeth. However, they have limitations. They won't whiten your teeth quickly, and they may not help you achieve your whitest level of white. If you are looking to whiten your teeth as quickly and as efficiently as possible, you will want to have an in-office whitening procedure with a dentist. Contact a dentist like George J Mendel DMD today to inquire about one of these procedures and whether it is right for you.