So, You're Reluctant To Give Up Your Dentures For Implants? How About Using Both?

If you have been using dentures for many years and are considering upgrading to dental implants, but are reluctant to give up the security of your existing device, you should be aware that you can actually use both very effectively. Because dentures can attach to the rods within your gums and can then be removed at will, you gain the benefit of easy removal that dentures provide as well as the increased stability associated with dental implants. As a result, if you are fascinated by the possibility of getting the best of both worlds by combining the use of both dentures and dental implants, the following information is likely to be quite useful. 

The Basics Of Dentures And Dental Implants             

Dental implants are a newer method of replacing missing teeth, but using them exclusively does not allow users to remove their teeth at night, as dentures will. As a result, choosing to have removable dentures supported by the titanium rod allow users to get the maximum benefit of both tooth replacement choices.

Specifically, your dentures can be attached to small balls or rods n your jaw. Those connectors link to the steel rods that replace the roots of natural teeth and by doing so, allow you to use your dentures without fear of them slipping around. The presence of the balls or rods makes it possible for you to quickly put your false teeth in and out as you choose. 

Planning For Your Future Smile

One aspect of using your dental implants and dentures that is easy to overlook relates to the use of your existing false teeth. While the majority of other people who opt for dental implants will need to use temporary dentures for up to six months while your gums and jaws heal after having the titanium rod implanted within the jaw, you may still be able to use your existing prosthetic during some or all of that time. That is due to the fact that the changes that your jaw will go through during that time will impact whether or not you will be able to use your dentures.

In addition, some patients will need a bone graft to their jaw in order to be able to successfully support the increased weight of the implants. Regardless of your experience, it is best to speak with your dentist, denture specialist or oral surgeon to create a care plan. He or she will be able to determine if you can use your dentures as you prepare for the actual implant and make appropriate suggestions as to alternative options if you are not a good candidate for continued use of your existing denture.       

In conclusion, dentures have been successfully used as a tooth replacement system for many years, but a lack of stability has been a common problem for many people. Dental implants allow your teeth to be secure without fear of slippage, but they cannot be removed at night. Therefore, it only makes sense that using the technology associated with implants to support your removable dentures is an ideal option that you should consider.

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