Questions Your Dentist Might Ask Before Allowing You To Get Dental Implants

You might be finally ready to replace your missing teeth and have discovered that dental implants might be able to offer you the opportunity to have a full set of pearly whites again. Dental implants look natural and are set into the jaw so that you never have to worry about them becoming loose. What you may not realize, however, is that you can't just ask the dentist for implants; your dentist will have to sit down with you and ask you a number of questions. Here are a few you might be asked.

Do You Have Gum Disease or Cavities?

Your dentist may not ask this question outright, but they will certainly search for evidence of gum disease and cavities inside your mouth. You may take great care of your health, but if your gums are often inflamed and reddish, or they bleed each morning when you brush, it is possible that you have some gum disease that needs addressing. 

Gum disease or cavities could threaten any dental implants put into your mouth; bacteria might get into the area where the implant is put in, which could cause a serious infection called peri-implantitis. It can even mean that you'll suffer some loss of the jaw. Even small cavities need to be filled before dental implants are installed to prevent bacteria from festering in your mouth for that reason. Inflamed, diseased gums can also mean a very painful implantation process; your dentist may want to treat your gums before putting implants in with a scaling and root-planing procedure where they clean beneath your gumline.

Do You Smoke?

By now, you might already know about the many effects that the practice of smoking can have on your health. If you are still smoking, be aware that it could stop you from going through with dental implant procedures. Smoking can negatively impact overall blood flow and circulation; as a result, it could interfere with healthy blood getting to your dental implant sites. That would mean slower healing, which could affect the ability of the implants to become anchored. You might need to handle your smoking habit before your dentist will allow you to get implants.

By asking the questions above, your dentist will get a better idea of whether dental implants would be a smart idea for you. If they would like you to wait for the moment, they can re-assess you after a few months. Work with your dentist to ensure you are as healthy as possible to get the implants you want.

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