4 Reasons To Get Dental Implants

Do you have numerous missing teeth and wear dentures? If you are ready to get rid of the dentures for a more permanent solution, you should visit a dentist to see if dental implants are right for you. This article will explain the benefits that dental implants can offer that make them the ideal permanent solution to replacing your missing teeth.

1. Dental Implants Will Not Have to Be Removed

Once you get dental implants installed, you will not have to remove them as with your dentures. The way that dental implants are installed makes them a lot like natural teeth. For instance, holes will be drilled inside of your jawbones so metal post can be screwed inside that will act as roots for the artificial teeth. The artificial teeth will then be tightly secured to abutments that extend from the metal posts. You can then use the implants as though they are your natural teeth and will never have to worry about them falling out when chewing food.

2. Your Jawbones Will Stay Strong

It is important for jawbones to have teeth inside of them for stimulation that promotes bone growth. Dentures are unable to promote bone growth because they are not installed directly in the jawbones. The lack of jawbone stimulation from wearing dentures can actually lead to jawbones becoming weaker. Dental implants will give you teeth to chew with that help keep your jawbones strong in the same manner that natural teeth do. Strong jawbones will prevent your remaining natural teeth from getting loose or falling out.

3. Your Speech Will Be More Natural

Wearing dentures can have an effect on the way that you speak, especially if they don't fit the way that they should. Unlike with wearing an artificial tooth device that interferes with your speech, you will be able to speak normally with dental implants. Your tongue will be able to rest against the implants when you pronounce words rather than causing them to move as with loose dentures. It is important for your tongue to rest against the implants to prevent a lisp.

4. Dental Implants Won't Get Cavities

One of the perks of having dental implants is that you will never have to worry about them getting cavities. They should remain in a good condition no matter what you eat. However, you must still keep them brushed like natural teeth to keep your gums healthy. Brushing the implants can also prevent them from getting stained. Talk to an implant dentist for more information as soon as you can.