2 Benefits Provided By A Same-Day Crown

Crowns are among the most common procedures that a dentist will perform, and are usually required when a tooth has become damaged to the point where a filling would not be sufficient to restore it. A same-day crown is a crown procedure that is made possible when a dentist acquires the equipment to create the crowns without having to work through a dental lab. Convenience and comfort are just two reasons to ask your dentist about a same-day crown.

1. Convenience

One of the biggest reasons to see a dentist that offers same-day crowns is that the entire process is more convenient than if you were getting a traditional crown. This is because the entire same-day crown process will be completed in a single sitting.

When getting a traditional crown, you will need to visit the dentist multiple time before the process is complete. You will need to have your tooth prepared for the crown during the first appointment, and the permanent crown applied a week or more after the initial appointment. More appointments will be necessary if the temporary crown that you must wear until your permanent crown arrives breaks or falls off. 

This whole process is not only inconvenient, but very difficult to pull off if you have a busy schedule. For example, finding the kind of time needed to make multiple dental appointments can be tough if your job frowns on taking time off in the middle of a work day or if you cannot find someone to watch your kids while you see the dentist.

2. Comfort

A huge problem with traditional crowns is that the process can provide quite a bit of discomfort while you are waiting for your permanent crown to be ready. The reason for the discomfort is that the temporary crown that you must wear is often going to fit poorly. This will allow food and liquids to reach the exposed nerves in your tooth, which can be extremely painful.

In addition, these temporary crowns can scrape along your gums when they get loose. This will lead to irritation of the gums and possible bleeding. 

Thankfully, you can avoid all of these problems if you have a same-day crown applied because no temporary crown is needed. Sure, a temporary crown is not meant to be worn for a long time, but why wear one and experience the discomfort if you don't have to?

Speak to a local dentist today in order to ask about the possibility of getting a same-day crown. This type of crown is going to be the most comfortable and convenient crown option that is available to you.

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